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2022 Global Agency Awards: Recognition That’s Music to Our Ears

At Victorious, we strive to thoroughly understand our customer’s goals and needs so we can deliver meaningful results for them. Our SEO for Charity campaign for Save the Music and the subsequent recognition from the Global Agency Awards highlights our dedication to data-driven SEO and customer education. Learn more below!

Jun 13, 2022

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Victorious is no ordinary SEO agency. We’re the only marketing agency in the US to focus exclusively on SEO, using goal-oriented strategies to deliver business-impacting search ranking results. 

Victorious is redefining the role SEO plays in building a thriving business, and one core belief informs everything we do: if we stay true to the best interests of our customers and the members of our team, we will all succeed — together.

Editorial note: This piece was originally published on the Global Agency Awards website.

Putting People First Creates Great Results

Our team has grown from 32 to 62 full-time employees during the award submission period. Each new team member contributes to our exceptional culture, supporting each other and our customers to new levels of success. Whether we’re working with enterprise companies, SaaS start-ups, law firms, or family-owned businesses, every customer receives the highest level of care and a thoughtfully crafted SEO strategy.

Our unique pod structure means that every customer has a team of highly trained SEO specialists who are steeped in their goals and tuned in to their needs. This team-based approach generates a consistent, high-quality customer experience with our SEO services and encourages a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

Our people-first ethos permeates every aspect of our company — from practicing radical integrity to empowering each other to do our best work. These values ennoble our team with a passion and loyalty that move us toward the extended horizon of sustainable success — for our customers and for us.

Giving Back With SEO for Charity

We’re grateful to have built the level of success that’s gotten us to where we are today — and giving back is a practice that keeps us grounded about our good fortune. That’s why we’re especially proud to be named a Global Agency Awards finalist based on our work for Save the Music — a non-profit music foundation dedicated to providing kids, schools, and communities access to music education. 

Save the Music was the first-ever organization to participate in our SEO for Charity program — where we provide SEO services free of charge to a non-profit that our employees select. With the global pandemic driving a steep decline in donations, we knew that a thoughtful SEO strategy could make a tangible difference for Save the Music and the countless kids who benefit from their programming.

Industry Experience Plus Hard Work, with a Side of Soul

Our systematized SEO processes combine the best of technology with the power of partnership to deliver people-powered results for our customers. So we rolled up our sleeves and went all in to help Save the Music. 

During the first 12 months of their campaign,  Save the Music earned 405 traffic-grabbing #1-3 positions in Google for their most competitive, high-volume search terms.

Our SEO team brought even more value by building topical authority and increasing brand awareness through search-optimized blog content to support their core campaign pages. Their new blog content has earned Save the Music #1 rankings and featured snippets, boosting their visibility in the music education space. 

Victorious is proud to be entering the second year of Save the Music’s campaign, and its SEO efforts continue to produce exceptional results in support of its mission. 

Our Focus on SEO Education

We’re an SEO digital marketing agency that believes our best partner is an educated customer, so we’re on a mission to teach the world about search engine optimization. Our educational library debunks common misconceptions, provides in-depth tutorials, and answers FAQs about every aspect of SEO.

Read more about our other customer successes.

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