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2022 US Agency Awards: How We Won Best Large Agency of the Year

How does an SEO-only agency win the top title from the US Agency Awards? With focused innovation and time-proven systems for SEO strategies that punch above their weight.

Jan 10, 2023

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In the early-to-mid 2010s, Victorious was one of many newly-minted agencies to arrive on the scene and offer inbound marketing services to businesses that were just familiarizing themselves with this new way to attract customers. 

By 2016, we were humming along as a full-service digital marketing agency when I decided to pivot and double down on SEO — making us the first SEO-only agency in the US. 

Why Make the Move to SEO-Only?

I had to confront the brutal fact that, as a full-service agency, we were driving merely average value for our customers. 

I just wasn’t comfortable with that. 

I had already recognized the untapped potential of organic search. So, I thought a singular focus on innovative SEO might flip the script on the jack-of-all-trades narrative in digital marketing. With a master-of-one approach, we could focus our resources on developing a system to build SEO strategies that outperform the slap-dash tactics of non-specialists.  

It was a true “sell the mills” moment for me. Was I willing to sacrifice guaranteed average results in the hopes of building something better — at the risk of losing it all?

I was. 


I was convinced that if we did one thing and became great at it, we could generate better-than-average results for our customers. And we have.

The integrity of evidenced-based SEO tactics, applied in a strategic framework and backed by a genuine concern for the customers we serve, generates long-lasting value and success-building impact — and that’s the kind of business I want to run. 

Have there been moments of doubt along the way? There sure have been. 

Busy marketers gravitate toward one-stop-shopping for their digital marketing needs, so it’s been an ongoing effort to differentiate ourselves from agencies that “do it all.”

When Victorious won the US Agency Award for Best Large Agency of 2022 — beating out full-service agencies with SEO-only results — it confirmed my decision to double down on the power of organic search.

In a head-to-head comparison against full-service agencies, we demonstrated the most value. It’s not hyperbole or hype — it’s a fact. And it’s a validation of years of disciplined work and thoughtful innovation.

What’s Next for Victorious? 

We’re doubling down again. This time, on the power of partnership. 

What started as a differentiated SEO methodology is incrementally transforming, one digitized SEO process at a time, into a differentiated SEO experience.”

The very nature of our process has created an integrated SEO experience for our customers as we come alongside them to understand their business needs and build a strategy that directly impacts their goals. 

In the coming years, we’ll lean into the strengths of our operational differentiation as an SEO-only agency to support our customers with innovative services designed for long-term, sustainable growth. 

I’m looking forward to the technological advances that will free our team to bring even more creativity and people-first focus to every customer relationship. 

My hope is that we become even more effective partners for our customers and drive more of the results and compounding ROI that have already garnered us industry recognition like this US Agency Award.

I can’t think of a better way to step forward into 2023.

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