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Victorious Awarded 4x Market Leader in 2020

We are excited to announce that Clutch has awarded Victorious with a record-setting four Market Leader awards for the 2020 calendar year.

Mar 18, 2020

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We are thrilled to announce that Clutch has awarded Victorious with a record-setting four Market Leader awards for the 2020 calendar year! Market Leader awards were determined by past customer reviews, comprehensive online forms, and thorough phone interviews. Victorious would like to thank all of our customers for the trust and effort shared to make this possible!

Clutch has a set methodology for selecting Clutch Leaders that assess SEO agencies based on industry expertise and the ability to deliver results. By evaluating different criteria such as services offered, types of customers, and brand reputation, Clutch has awarded Victorious in the following four categories:

  1. Link Building
  2. Local SEO
  3. On-Page SEO
  4. SEO Mobile Optimization

We pride ourselves on a data-driven methodology that prioritizes business-impacting results for well-resourced and agile companies.

A quickly growing mid-market computer software customer recently reviewed Victorious’ ability to generate ROI: 

“There has never been a question about what we’re getting from the investment. Victorious has a well-refined process that delivers.” 

As a result, this customer’s campaign has increased its target keywords by over 850 positions in less than five months. This keyword growth means more qualified leads are engaging with their brand and translating into quantifiable opportunities.

Another prime example of this is Zegrahm Expeditions, which has benefited tremendously from our partnership: 

“They capture amazing results. We can tell that they’re actually invested in the success of our company in the thoughtfulness of their work.” 

As a result of Victorious’ SEO expertise, this adventure and travel company has seen incredible ROI: 

“Page views are up 3,300%, and the average growth of those pages since the start of our collaboration is 3,000%. We’ve also seen a 25% increase in goal completions.”

Just like these two great partners, Victorious is on a mission to unleash every company’s true potential. We’re proud Clutch has recognized Victorious’ dedication to our mission.

Congratulations to our team for their hard work that delivered this industry recognition.  Having a group that uplifts and gives a shit about one another and our customers has grown Victorious into a world-class SEO agency.

From our solution solving sales team to our people loving customer success crew– with our brainiac strategy team gluing it all together- we’re proud to call ourselves Victorious!

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