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7x Nominations at the 2019 US Search Awards!

Jul 29, 2019

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Victorious Shortlisted as Finalists for Multiple SEO Awards

It’s more than halfway through the year, and Victorious has continued to pick up steam into awards season. For the second year in a row, we’ve been shortlisted for seven categories at the US Search Awards, a nationally recognized assembly of the search engine industry which celebrates the success of various SEO, PPC, and content marketing agencies. 

In 2018, Victorious took home ‘Best SEO Campaign’ and ‘Best Small SEO Agency’. As we’ve expanded, so have our accolades. This time around, Victorious has been nominated for multiple awards, including Best SEO Campaign in financial, travel, and local categories, as well as Best SEO Agency (Large)!

It has been an honor to be recognized across the board for the work we’ve completed with our customers. The US Search Awards takes into account an extensive two-stage scoring process led by industries’ top search experts ranging from Search Engine Journal executives to agency founders from across the world. Hundreds of applicants are filtered through this rigorous judging process, and our nominations demonstrate our ability to drive meaningful results; a true testament to the confidence our customers have instilled in our process. 

You can view all of our nominations here.Victorious at the US Search Awards

Seeing our company evolve from a beach house office into a multi-departmental business located in the heart of San Francisco, we can’t help but reflect. We are proud of our company’s growth, and grateful for our team at Victorious that have put in the intensive hours to help sustain the success we’ve seen the year prior. But most of all, we feel excited in the work we’ve accomplished with our partners that has helped fuel and refine our growth. Our success stems directly from our customers who see the value of SEO, and most importantly, in themselves to realize their true search potential and unleash their online presence with our expertise and guidance.

With the same mentality that has helped shape our culture to put People First, we are truly grateful for the relationships we’ve built over the last few years. As those relationships flourish, we do too – thank you for partnering with Victorious!

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