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Victorious is personal, reliable, and adaptable. I highly recommend them.
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Enterprise SEO Strategy Supports 11,900 Page One Keywords

Page 1 Keywords
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"Student Loan Refinance"
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Snippet for "Types of Cryptocurrencies"
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The Challenge

SoFi saw a dip in their rankings for “personal loans” and needed a strategy to support their movement into new markets and product launches.

The Solution

Victorious honed in on search intent to power SEO content and attract prospects at every stage of the funnel.

The Results

So-Fi saw significant keyword growth, claiming the top spot for “student loan refinance” and a featured snippet for “types of cryptocurrencies.”

Being rich isn’t just about money — it’s about living the life you want to live. However, achieving financial independence is often harder than it sounds. SoFi stepped up to help people achieve their ambitions and make the most of their money.

The only problem was, SoFi was having trouble reaching those who could benefit from their financial expertise.

Search Intent and Strong Links Open Up a Wealth of Opportunity

Victorious’ strategic focus on search intent put SoFi’s content in front of the right eyes, attracting prospects while building momentum with strong internal linking. Now, they’ve got over 10k page one keywords and counting.

Consistent product innovation helps SoFi continue to stay ahead of the competition. We stay in stride with them, offering responsive research with quick turnaround to set effective SEO strategies for their new ventures.

“Victorious is personal, reliable, and adaptable. I highly recommend them.”

Jeff Tucker – Director of SEO

The Results

1. 11,900 page one keywords — up 95%.

Since the start of their campaign, SoFi has nearly doubled the number of ranking keywords with a 75% increase in the number of keywords on page one of SERPs.

2. Tracked keyword gains of 3,220 positions.

SoFi’s tracked keywords have grown an aggregate of 3,220 positions with notable increases for key products such as “credit card consolidation” and “refinance student loans.”

3. #1 for “student loan refinance.”

Victorious created SEO content for SoFi’s key product offerings. Now, trustworthy evergreen content attracts students looking for debt solutions who find SoFi’s solution at the top of Google search results.

Incremental Success Drives Exponential Growth

At Victorious, you won’t find any get-rich-quick schemes when it comes to SEO. What you will find are trustworthy partnerships, dedicated efforts from SEO experts, and proven strategies that work long-term. SoFi knows they can depend on Victorious to be creative, proactive, and rigorous — finding solutions to each new challenge that comes our way.

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