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Andres Francis

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Trustworthy Tech SEO Increases Organic Conversions by 188%

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The Challenge

After updating its entire website, QiPoint experienced a drop in trial software downloads, site visitors, and ranked keywords due to unforeseen technical errors.

The Solution

Victorious addressed critical technical SEO roadblocks like broken links and duplicate content.

The Results

QiPoint quickly regained its past level of success and went on to surpass it.

QiPoint develops B2B software for content management, security audit, and reporting on programs like SharePoint and Office 365. Among their clients are organizations like the Department of Justice, NASA, NATO, the White House, Microsoft, and Intel.

QiPoint’s website was thriving. With strong trial download numbers, consistent revenue, and numerous contracts, it was clear that their software was in high demand. However, a site update put that all in jeopardy. Changes to pages, URLs and other elements broke backlinks that had taken the VP of Digital Marketing years to establish.

QiPoint immediately saw a drop in the number of trial software downloads, fewer site visitors, and even lost keyword rankings.

Goodbye, SEO Guessing Game

Andres reached out to what he called a “serious” SEO agency, ready to invest significant resources in recovering his position in the market. But nothing happened.

When Andres found Victorious, he found an SEO agency that could explain its process, anticipated results, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each action, and (most importantly) deliver on its promises.

QiPoint’s first month with Victorious was methodical. The process was well staged, the step-by-step made sense, and it was thorough. With our project management tools, Andres could see:

  • what was happening,
  • what we planned for the following month and further into the future,
  • how much time an action took,
  • which goals were being accomplished, and
  • how it was all being achieved.

In that first month, QiPoint’s traffic nearly doubled, bringing it just above where it had been before the website update. Victorious fixed broken links, resolved duplicate content issues, and put QiPoint’s SEO back together.

“It’s been great working with Victorious, we’ve seen improvements in search results, in revenue, in rankings… the team is really responsive, and I’m never waiting too long to get an answer if I have a question.”

Andres Francis – QiPoint

The Results

1. A 31% increase in organic impressions.

Keywords QiPoint previously ranked for popped back up on the first page, and new keywords that Victorious had selected were hitting the first page, too.

2. A 197% increase in conversion rate.

Conversion is vital to all businesses, but for software companies that rely on making sales online, getting the right customers to their site is truly critical.

3. A 188% increase in goal completions.

QiPoint saw an improvement in organic traffic that resulted in an increase in website chats, translating into real customers, with trial downloads doubling in the second month of their campaign.

Surpassing the Status Quo With SEO

When Andres talks about his experience with Victorious, you can almost hear the relief in his voice. Our proven expertise, methodical process, extensive awards, excellent customer reviews, and immediate value-add of the preliminary free audit eased his mind. For a guy who admits he knew little about SEO, the Victorious strategy was calming and easy to understand. Now, Andres is confident in the role SEO plays for QiPoint, and the business is seeing record sales.

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