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Education was a key component of Agora’s success. We doubled down on communication to ensure everyone on their team understood our methodology, SEO best practices, and which metrics measured progress toward their goals.

Trust and Transparency Drive a 490% Increase in Page One Keywords

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The Challenge

Agora wanted to drive down their PPC spend and lower their cost of customer acquisition, all while navigating a rebrand and new product launches.

The Solution

Through nimble keyword research, Victorious developed a strategy that accounted for Google’s limited ability to discern the semantic nuances of highly specialized industry keywords and delivered results to Agora’s bottom line.

The Results

The dramatic keyword movement yielded equally dramatic results in 264K clicks and 8.63M impressions.

Agora set out on their SEO journey to lower both PPC spend and the cost of customer acquisition. After working with an agency that didn’t offer transparent communication into their processes, Agora came to Victorious for a high-touch SEO relationship that would see them through their rebrand and new product launches.

Agile SEO Takes Businesses to the Top

Victorious and Agora had something in common — a commitment to empowering our customers. To ensure everyone on the Agora team understood our time-proven methodology, SEO best practices, and which metrics measured progress toward their goals, we doubled down on clear communication.

On top of the agility required to keep in stride with Agora’s ever-changing needs, our strategists faced a challenge: working around Google’s limitations with the semantic nuances of highly specialized industry keywords.

No assumption went unchallenged. Keyword research evolved into a strategy that delivered results directly to Agora’s bottom line.

The Results

1. 3,457 positive position changes in Google SERPs.

Strategic keywords elevated Agora’s content, inspiring new connections and pushing Agora to the top of the ranks.

2. A 490% increase in page one keywords.

Embracing the semantic challenges of ultra-specific industry keywords, our strategists unlocked tremendous keyword growth for Agora.

3. Goal completions were up 847% YoY.

By concentrating our strategy on driving qualified traffic to conversion opportunities on their site, we grew Agora’s online conversions by more than 8x.

A High-Touch SEO Partnership Satisfies Conversion Cravings

Transparency and education were key components of Agora’s success. With an emphasis on communication in mind, our point-of-contact established SEO strategy Lunch & Learns to share Victorious’ learnings with Agora’s entire team. Victorious truly immersed itself in Agora’s business, becoming an extension of their team. Time and time again, we find that the more invested our customers become in understanding our methodologies, the more we can accomplish together.

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