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Victorious has been with us every step of the way. At the start of work, we were ranking for 200 – mostly branded – keywords. Now, we rank for 2,400 keywords, with over 250 non-branded page-one results. We estimate ROI is over 10 to 1 – I can’t say enough about this team.
Chris Benedict


Keyword Clarity Fuels a 1,802% Organic Return on Investment

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The Challenge

As new founders that ultimately would build a new retail category, Chris and David wanted to leverage their product’s competitive advantage and move away from the door-to-door sales life.

The Solution

Victorious amplified target keywords to drive organic traffic and establish brand awareness within a niche market.

The Results

Felix Gray saw a 333.9% increase in organic traffic, which translated into a 3,708% increase in organic revenue.

Felix Gray disrupted the eyewear industry with their classically inspired frames and blue light filtering lenses starting at just $95. But, when Victorious met the Co-Founders Chris and David, they were still in the accelerator stage and were well aware they’d face some marketing challenges. Their sales approach still took place on the ground and in person.

To launch a self-sustaining sales pipeline, they knew they’d have to leverage SEO.

Redefining the Hustle With a Holistic SEO Strategy

Victorious’ SEO strategy was ambitious from the start. Our objectives? To increase keywords ranked in the top 100 by 20% and increase organic traffic year-over-year by 30%.

Since the launch of Felix Gray in May 2016, Victorious’ SEO strategy has crushed KPI objectives. First, we increased year-over-year organic traffic by 333.90%, that’s over 300% more than our goal. Then, we increased the number of keywords ranked in the top 100 by 94.6%, again, over 75% more than we anticipated.

Felix Gray now has 3,808 keywords ranked in the top 100, which is up from 1,956. Plus, people reached their site through search engine results (not paid advertisements) 587,413 times compared to 135,379 times in previous years.

In just two years, Felix Gray has seen an 11,802.75% organic ROI. Yes, you can go tell your boss – that is over eleven thousand percent.

“Victorious has been with us every step of the way. We estimate ROI is over 10 to 1 – I can’t say enough about this team.”

Chris Benedict – Felix Gray

The Results

1. A 333.9% increase in organic traffic.

With a 239% increase in top ten keywords and a 427% increase in top three keywords, Felix Gray saw a boost in organic traffic that exceeded their expectations.

2. Organic conversions increased by 729.03%.

As organic traffic increased, with organic page views up by 143%, more people found what they were looking for and converted.

3. Organic revenue increased by 3,708%.

All of that organic traffic ultimately culminated in a staggering rise in organic revenue.

Want Conversions? Set Your Sights on SEO.

Felix Gray is a prime example of what happens when businesses set their sights on an SEO strategy supported by the right SEO provider. Their days of old-school door-to-door sales are behind them. Now, they’ve got a high-conversion marketing channel they can rely on. In the end, it’s more than just a Cinderella story — it’s a proven process that works.

Find out why leading businesses choose to do business with Victorious.

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