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SEO Revives a Household Name With a 573% Return on Investment

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The Challenge

Despite having numerous products, customer testimonials, and informational content, Blink Health’s page one rankings were next to none — an ill fate in the highly competitive online prescription industry.

The Solution

Victorious identified technical obstacles and implemented a link building strategy that brought their online presence to life.

The Results

Blink Health soon saw results, with a 78% increase in page one keywords, leading to a 175% increase in monthly organic search traffic.

Blink Health has been a longtime leader in the online pharmacy space. Their brand had authority and trust with consumers, but the company struggled to translate its narrative success into search visibility. Their marketing team knew organic search was rife with growth opportunities, but turning them into fruitful results would be a challenge. With that in mind, Blink Health made the decision to look at external resources to help them with their SEO.

In 2019, we were able to very quickly start ranking for some of Blink Health’s most difficult keywords. This was a task they had struggled to complete without our help for years, despite maintaining a household name within the online pharmacy industry.

From Rank Deficient To Accomplished Authority

Victorious was immediately able to identify a number of technical issues preventing Blink Health from reaching its full potential in search. After addressing some of the low-hanging fruit, Victorious implemented monthly backlinks to help turn their SEO around.

We were able to quickly rank some of Blink Health’s most difficult keywords, a task they had struggled with for years. Victorious’s technical SEO skills, coupled with our link building strategy, brought their most sought-after keywords to life in a matter of months and contributed directly to their bottom line.

The Results

1. A 175% increase in monthly organic traffic.

As we clarified their SEO strategy, Blink Health saw a 78% increase in page one keywords, which ultimately translated into a big boost in monthly organic traffic.

2. A 91% increase in transactions from organic traffic.

As rankings and organic traffic grew, Blink Health saw a notable increase in completed transactions.

3. A 573% return on campaign investment.

The bottom line? More visibility and greater authority drive compounding results. Blink Health’s organic traffic gains amounted to 5x what they initially invested in SEO.

Globally Recognized Growth

Now, Blink Health has the high traffic results to match its namesake. In fact, our campaign together was so successful it won an SEO agency Best Use of Search (SEO) award at the 2020 Global Search Awards! But more importantly, it won Blink Health the ability to capitalize on a lucrative business space.

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