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Their results speak for themselves. With SEO, you get what you pay for. They really know the industry and can do SEO the right way.
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A 14K+ Net Rank Increase Delivers Capital to Small Businesses That Need It

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The Challenge

L3 Funding’s online visibility was hampered by low search engine rankings on key industry terms.

The Solution

Victorious built authority-generating content and backlinks to boost search rank and bring in organic traffic.

The Results

A 14,839+ total net position change in Google rank for core campaign keywords.

Small businesses are built on big aspirations. With that comes crucial fiscal decisions that can either lend to the business’s success or work against it. Small business loan provider, L3 Funding, has the expertise and resources to help small companies make business-boosting financial decisions they can feel confident about. The only problem? These small businesses didn’t know L3 Funding existed.

Ranking for only 3 keywords at the time, L3 Funding knew they’d need a dependable SEO strategy to help their business thrive so they could keep serving small businesses that create jobs, grow the economy, and enrich local communities.

Building Authority Builds Better Business

In a highly scrutinized YMYL (your money or your life) industry like finance, it’s vital to be seen as an authoritative resource to earn Google’s (and consumers’) trust.

Building trust requires a thoughtful SEO strategy, so Victorious deployed key tactics, like link building, to increase referring domains and demonstrate authority in L3 Funding’s niche.

But authority goes beyond backlinks. If the content on the other side of a link isn’t topical, helpful, and trustworthy, it won’t rank well. So, Victorious expanded L3 Funding’s editorial footprint, strategically optimizing new content to target achievable search terms.

The synergistic pairing of helpful, relevant content with backlinks from high authority domains kickstarted L3 Funding’s climb in search engine results. Consistent application of SEO best practices turned these early gains into steady, sustainable organic search growth.

The Results

A +14,839 net position gain for campaign keywords.

With close to 15K net position gains, L3 moved from invisible to invincible in search results.

A 1,287x increase in ranking keywords.

L3 Funding went from ranking within the top 100 for a total of three non-branded keywords to ranking for 3,861 keywords.

An increase in referring domains.

L3 Funding exponentially increased their authority within their sector, going from zero referring domains to 309.

Building Trust to Drive Returns

While SMS, email marketing, and other channels all play a role in enabling businesses to meet short-term objectives, the long-term ROI derived from SEO builds sustainable growth. With their new SEO foundation, L3 Funding is positioned as a trusted, authoritative source to help small businesses make big decisions.

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