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Collaborative Partnership Forges a 252% Increase in Organic Traffic

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The Challenge

ServiceMax from GE Digital wanted to enhance their existing SEO operations so internal stakeholders could focus on other business objectives.

The Solution

Victorious took over day-to-day SEO endeavors and improved ServiceMax’s campaign through link building and competitive analysis.

The Results

ServiceMax saw a 252% increase in organic clicks, a pretty big jump for a campaign that was already performing well to begin with.

ServiceMax from GE Digital is the leading field management application for enterprise businesses. They were already doing well with SEO. In fact, Michael Cohen, the Digital Marketing Manager, had been doing in-house SEO for over 10 years.

But being a Digital Marketing Manager usually means being very busy. Like many leaders, he would benefit from having some space freed up for him to focus on other marketing efforts. He was doubtful that an SEO partner would provide much improvement. He would soon be pleasantly surprised.

Good, Better, Best

For ServiceMax, the primary concern was the day-to-day management and upkeep of their SEO campaign. Michael too often saw SEO fall to the wayside when other marketing priorities or ad hoc projects popped up. The campaign was still doing well — but Michael didn’t just want to do well; he wanted to crush it.

Victorious shaped a strategy that leveraged existing capabilities while focusing on exceptional service in the areas that Michael felt needed the most attention. Equipped with a reliable partner, Michael began to appreciate precisely how helpful a good SEO agency can be.

After months of increased organic traffic, better link building, and overall better SEO results with Victorious, a new challenge presented itself when a significant new competitor entered the market. The competitor had the financial capability to be both dominating and strategic.

Victorious stepped up with a scrappy approach to identify high-value gaps in the competitor’s strategy and use it to ServiceMax’s advantage.

Special Projects: Keyword Cannibalization

For years, ServiceMax owned a nearly unused domain that has authority over the current website, so they wanted to bring the domain on as a subdomain. While there were countless benefits to this transition, there was an ongoing problem: the active ServiceMax website was being pushed to the second page of search results because it did not have domain authority.

So Victorious went with a strategic keyword cannibalization effort to outrank the primary domain over the secondary domain.

“The Victorious results speak for themselves…they’re not going to forget, they’re going to make sure you’re implementing their suggestions, and they’re going to back up how they think those recommendations are going to come to fruition. We are definitely seeing a payoff.”

Michael Cohen – ServiceMax from GE Digital

The Results

1. A 70.4% increase in ranked keywords.

There’s almost always room to expand ranked keywords and ServiceMax benefited from more rankings, despite their competition’s efforts to take control of the market.

2. A 104% increase in organic traffic.

We kept ServiceMax’s SEO relevant and strategic, driving more organic traffic from a 284% increase in organic impressions.

3. A 252% increase in organic clicks

Even though they were doing well before, we exceeded ServiceMax’s expectations with a cascade of gains that ultimately led to more clicks.

Why Settle for Ordinary?

If ServiceMax’s SEO campaign were doing just fine, why go through the effort of pulling in help? Because extraordinary is possible. Going the extra mile has put ServiceMax in a leading position they maintain to this day. And, Michael has the space to focus on other aspects of his role as Digital Marketing Manager while Victorious manages the SEO. Some might say our partnership is kind of like peanut butter and jelly: both work well on their own slice of bread, but the magic happens when you put them together.

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