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SEO is always changing so leaving the strategy and tactics to Victorious has more than paid for itself.
Ashkan Motamedi

Head of Growth


Software Startup Sees a 300% Increase in Organic Traffic With a Data-Driven SEO Strategy

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The Challenge

Everlance needed to establish their app as a contender in the realm of mileage and expense tracking software.

The Solution

Victorious helped Everlance achieve upward mobility through key technical updates, followed by a link-building strategy.

The Results

Everlance gained over 900 positions in SERPs and increased organic traffic to their website by 300%.

Everlance is a startup app launched in 2015 that helps independent workers and small businesses automatically track mileage and expenses in compliance with IRS requirements. Ultimately, their goal was to get their app noticed.

They understood technical and data-driven SEO would be important to achieve their goals. As software engineers, that kind of SEO made sense — but it wasn’t always what they were getting with other agencies.

It All Starts With Strategy

Rather than pushing an ill-planned blitz to hack their way to the first page, Victorious presented a thoughtful, data-driven long-term approach that would establish Everlance’s authority and propel their growth.

The first step was to set the baseline by getting all SEO best practices in place so that future backlinking, content, and ad hoc efforts would be more effective.

In the first three months of their campaign, Everlance moved up 60 spots to sit at the middle of page two on search engine results. While vanity tells us they need to be on page one, it’s worth noting that this kind of movement was made solely through strategic technical SEO updates — this was without the backlinks or content to come.

With Victorious, Everlance has the advantage of having an SEO team that is dedicated to their SEO success so they can focus on what they do best: mileage and expense tracking.

“SEO is always changing, new tactics and new strategies, so trying to keep up with the newest and latest is a time suck on daily work so leaving that to Victorious is one of the most helpful things. You will save yourself a ton of headache and time. It’s paid for itself.”

Ashkan Motamedi – Everlance

The Results

1. A 75% increase in total ranked keywords.

Identifying new strategic keywords helped Everlance fill in the gaps on their current keyword list.

2. 927 positions gains in SERPs.

With more ranked keywords came movement in SERPs. Everlance now sits in a better position to reach more people.

3. A 300% increase in organic traffic.

Improvements in ranked keywords and SERP position ultimately got Everlance noticed.

Making Strides With SEO

Victorious has something in common with software engineers: we know that a good data-driven strategy is the foundation for success. Everlance knew data-driven SEO would help them achieve their goals. Our like-mindedness allowed them to put their trust in Victorious to do what needed to be done — and it paid off.

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