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As a direct result of working with Victorious, BMarko structures has seen a dramatic increase in leads from organic traffic on their site. The sales team is working overtime to meet the demand and convert new customers.

Building a 300% Increase in Organic Traffic for a Niche Business

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The Challenge

BMarko Structures wanted to build site authority and improve keyword ranking so B2B customers in the construction industry could find their highly specialized products.

The Solution

Victorious supplied keyword research to boost organic traffic and optimized BMarko’s website for conversions.

The Results

BMarko saw a 300% increase in organic traffic and 200% growth in page one keyword rankings.

The future of construction has the planet in mind. BMarko Structures puts an eco-friendly spin on modular construction with their custom shipping containers. Their solution promotes recycling and creates less waste — all while being cost effective and time-efficient. But operating in a niche industry poses unique challenges and BMarko faced the big question: “How do we put our highly specialized products in front of the right audience?”

Building a Bridge To Better Leads

BMarko Structures operates in a relatively new niche and wanted to present their solution to customers who needed their offerings and didn’t know it yet. Victorious did a keyword research deep-dive to discover industry terminology that prospects used in search engines. We mined a plethora of keywords rich in both volume and ranking potential.

We took this keyword knowledge and applied it to BMarko’s website, optimizing it for conversions while improving the overall architecture. Together, our concerted efforts allowed BMarko to claim over a dozen number one spots for strategically significant keywords, spurring an explosion in leads.

The Results

1. A 300% increase in organic traffic.

Keyword-rich content and page optimizations created a steady and sustainable increase in organic traffic.

2. 120 page one keywords.

BMarko now ranks on the first page of Google SERPs for 120 keywords, up 200%.

3. 3,816 positive position changes in Google SERPs.

BMarko has an overall gain of 3,816 positions in Google search results, shooting up as many as 100 positions at a time

Speedy Implementation Raises the Roof on Results

BMarko was so confident in our strategy, they quickly implemented all of our recommendations. These speedy improvements contributed to the remarkable results they’ve seen. BMarko’s long-term commitment to SEO continues to pay off in traffic growth and revenue generation, placing their sales team in the enviable position of struggling to keep up with new business.

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