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There has never been a question about what we’re getting from the investment. I’m very knowledgeable about SEO, so I can talk to them on a technical level, but their team is great about explaining SEO in terms that our upper management can understand. That makes my life a lot easier, and it definitely speaks to the benefits that they provide.
Eddie Cervantes

Digital Marketing Specialist


Optimized Content Drives a 345% Increase in Impressions for Crucial Keywords

Impressions for “Static Analysis”
↑ 0 %
For "webui test"
# 0
"API testing" from page 3 to page 1
0 Improved

The Challenge

Parasoft needed an SEO strategy that would help them compete in a crowded sector and generate leads to their new product.

The Solution

Victorious optimized existing product pages with new information and thematically related keywords.

The Results

Parasoft achieved #1 ranking for a high volume search query, as well as appearing in “People Also Ask” for the same query.

With a goal to help people deliver the best software solutions, Parasoft faced a unique challenge — they couldn’t easily optimize their new product for SEO because it was a new innovation and didn’t have any specific keywords associated with it. Parasoft was left with a head-scratching question: how can we leverage SEO to market something that no one knows to search for?

Carving a New Niche With Creative Content

On top of marketing a new product people didn’t know how to search for, Parasoft already had an established product in their set of offerings that competed for keywords that their new product also needed to rank for. How could they launch a new, similar product without decreasing the number of leads coming in from their older product?

Victorious got creative. To bring in traffic for the new product without cannibalizing existing keywords or competing for rank with their established product, we helped Parasoft create a page with educational content featuring both products, explaining the differences between them, and directing users to the product best suited for them. The older product page was de-optimized and thematically related keywords were added to the new page to boost visibility for both products.

“They deliver on every request that we have and every promise they give.”

Eddie Cervantes – Digital Marketing Specialist

The Results

1. #1 placement for “webUI test.”

Parasoft had previously landed on page two for this high-volume query. Now, they hold the #1 position and are also featured in “People Also Ask” related queries.

2. A 345% increase in impressions for “static analysis.”

Parasoft’s ranking for “static analysis” dramatically improved, driving at least twice as many visitors to their static analysis product page.

3. “API testing” moves from page three to page one.

Positive position movement up to page one dramatically improved impressions and CTRs for this important keyword, with their API testing product seeing almost 8x more traffic year-over-year.

No Business Is Too Niche for SEO

Initially, Parasoft was skeptical that anyone could understand their business as well as they do. As a software company providing software for other software companies, they speak a language that is highly technical and full of subtleties. Our technical rigor and commitment to SEO success won their trust, along with our diligence in creating content that would drive traffic to their niche product paid off with a strong launch.

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