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Victorious shattered my expectations and have gone above and beyond what I thought was possible.
Robert Thomas Mensendick


Making Space For SEO Drives a 91% Increase in Organic Traffic

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The Challenge

In an oversaturated market, SF Office Spaces needed to not only maintain their first-page standing but also figure out why visitors were leaving before getting to “the good stuff.”

The Solution

After thorough technical audits, Victorious identified and removed obstacles that kept SF Office Spaces’ site from performing at its utmost.

The Results

SF Office Spaces saw over 500 new keywords ranked on Google and a 91% increase in organic traffic.

When Thomas Mensendiek of SF Office Spaces launched their commercial real estate website, he knew that getting first-page results for local queries would be crucial. Upon searching “SEO firm San Francisco,” we were the first on the list. When SF Office Spaces approached Victorious, the business was already performing well in search and showing up in coveted first-page results. So did they really need to invest in SEO?

While all looked well on the outside, we saw some behind-the-scenes hindrances to SF Office Spaces’ online performance. With our core values aligned, we set out to make measurable improvements.

SEO Strategy That Works

The first step in our SEO strategy was to complete a 200+ point technical audit to uncover any obstacles that hindered SEO results. Here’s what we learned: Although SF Office Spaces’ site returned first-page results on strategic keywords, potential clients were often leaving the page before getting to the “good stuff.”

Our strategy team made recommendations to improve the site layout and content to keep visitors on the page longer. And it worked.

Victorious isn’t a get-in-and-get-out kind of agency. Band-aid solutions simply don’t work for long-term success. It took six months and two rounds of intensive technical audits to get it right. The first audit allowed us to figure out what needed to be done, where the market was leaning, and understand how to position such a young website against the competition.

In the second audit, we doubled down on proven practices, ensuring every page was set up for success. After that, SF Office Spaces exploded in organic growth.

“It’s just not just an SEO campaign. There are other elements Victorious has looked for and found that have helped out. You’re proactive and engaged…and it’s working.”

Robert Thomas Mensendick – SF Office Spaces

The Results

1. 592 new keywords ranked on Google.

In an industry that turns out over 71 million search results, we helped SF Office Spaces stand out with almost 600 new keywords ranked.

2. A 91% increase in organic traffic.

With new and improved pages running up to speed, SF Office Spaces not only saw more organic traffic overall but more converting clients.

Worry-Free SEO For the Win

As a CEO, Thomas has a lot to handle, but SEO isn’t one of them. Victorious’ SEO strategy is churning away behind the scenes, so he doesn’t have to. Our monthly reports provide just the level of detail he needs to see that the campaigns are working so he can focus his attention on his growing client list.

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