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Gentry Dentistry
Gentry Dentistry’s trust in the Victorious SEO strategy helped them earn 4x more page one keywords in less than a year.

161% More Ranking Keywords Inspire Grin-Worthy Gains

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The Challenge

Technical crawl issues and a lackluster backlink portfolio limited Gentry Dentistry’s organic search visibility to branded keywords.

The Solution

Victorious focused efforts on gaining page-one visibility for keywords related to Gentry’s specialized services and cosmetic dentistry.

The Results

A concentrated local SEO strategy earned Gentry Dentistry a 161% increase in ranked keywords and put them at the top of local search results.

Smiles are one of the basic ways humans communicate nonverbal emotions to each other, whether we’re displaying joy or welcoming others. Gentry Dentistry knows that a bright, healthy smile makes a big difference.

They had an ambitious goal to usurp the top spots for industry keywords and stake a claim in Google’s local map pack. Except there was one problem — Gentry Dentistry had almost zero local search visibility and some serious competition.

Taking It To the Top With Local Search Optimization

If Gentry Dentistry were to thrive in a highly competitive niche, they’d need to improve their rankings for industry-specific keywords.

Victorious took the challenge in stride. Identifying keyword opportunities targeting Gentry Dentistry’s market, we were able to optimize their content, boost rankings, and capture the attention of their local audience.

But that wasn’t all. Victorious also crafted a strategy to address technical issues and build Gentry Dentistry’s topical authority. Our keyword research laid the foundation for optimized content that would rank for strategic terms.

We paired new keyword-rich content with a backlinking strategy and Google Business Profile optimization to help Gentry Dentistry earn that top spot in local search.

The Results

1. Establishing a local map pack for priority keywords.

Google Business Profile optimization to help Gentry Dentistry earn a top spot in local search results.

2. A 161% increase in ranked keywords.

Optimized content paired with a back linking strategy dramatically increased the number of non-branded keywords Gentry Dentistry ranks for.

3. 43 top-ten keywords earned.

Resolving Google indexing barriers allowed new content with fresh backlinks to soar straight to page one in search results.

Don’t Just Grin and Bear It

Incremental improvements produce outsized gains, regardless where or when you start your SEO journey — it’s never too late to unlock the power of organic search. Even in a highly-competitive niche where other practices had a head start in the rankings, Gentry Dentistry’s ambitious goals and willingness to implement our recommendations pushed them into some of the most coveted spots in search and continues to help their practice thrive.

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