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Victorious' responsiveness, results-oriented approach, and strategic talent have been extremely impressive.
Manoj Lamba

Director of Marketing

SEO Symbiosis Drives 31,207 New Ranking Keywords on Google

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The Challenge

As a small, nimble startup ClassDojo needed to put itself out there, but an internal SEO specialist wasn’t in the cards.

The Solution

Victorious focused on link building and on-page optimization to highlight ClassDojo’s domain authority and improve its rankings.

The Results

ClassDojo saw a 1,000% increase in organic traffic for target pages and earned Featured Snippet placements for branded and non-branded keywords.

ClassDojo’s free app brings classroom communities together to make education more exciting and supportive for kids. Since its launch, ClassDojo has leveraged its influence to bring Mojo, their monster mascot, into classrooms for interactive social and emotional learning. Unsurprisingly, ClassDojo’s company culture reflects the same values Mojo brings to class — mindfulness, perseverance, gratitude, and empathy.

But how could they expand their success even further?

Success Starts With Culture

Manoj Lamba, Head of Marketing at ClassDojo, is pretty familiar with the cold pitch email. Like most of us, he typically deletes them. But the cold pitch email from Victorious caught his attention for one specific reason: our culture.

ClassDojo is a lean team, so every hire they make needs to be strategic — an internal SEO specialist didn’t make sense. But with Victorious, ClassDojo has a dedicated SEO team that leverages an extensive and ever-increasing knowledge of SEO to improve ClassDojo’s campaign.

Obviously, results matter, but for ClassDojo, culture is crucial. It’s important that agencies they work with also put a considerable emphasis on creating a positive company culture.

At Victorious, culture comes through in every aspect of our business, from the initial sales pitch to account management and everything in between. We share each element of the strategy with expected results, so our clients always know where their SEO campaign stands. Each interaction with our team is positive and productive, and if something isn’t sitting right, we fix it.

Our commitment to creating a culture where SEO guesswork doesn’t exist is one of the driving factors behind our most successful partnerships.

“Trustworthy, responsiveness, results driven. I think culture starts from the top, but I still feel that same trustworthiness with my account manager. I can tell you really care about our business results and that matters a lot to me too.”

Manoj Lamba – ClassDojo

The Results

1. 31,207 new ranking keywords on Google.

With over 11,000 of their ranking keywords falling in the Top 100, ClassDojo saw organic traffic increase by over 300,000 visits.

2. Featured snippets enhance authority.

Better rankings backed by a link-building strategy led ClassDojo to claim Featured Snippets not only for branded keywords, but non-branded ones, too.

3. A 1,000% increase in target page organic traffic.

A 13.71% increase in overall organic traffic may not sound like much, but when it comes down to more than three million additional website visits, it’s a pretty big deal.

Small Team, Big Results

ClassDojo is a shining example that you don’t need a big team to accomplish big things. Even businesses with 25 employees can reap the benefits of a concentrated SEO partnership. And while the technical aspects and results certainly matter, culture-based symbiosis plays a pretty big role, too.

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