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Pageviews have been increasing by about 3000%, thanks to the 1,343 keywords we now rank for on the first page of search results. While the results are very impressive, the team is also commendable. They’re enjoyable to work with and capture amazing results.
Brett Couston


A Transparent Partnership Fosters a 55% Increase in Organic Traffic

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The Challenge

CitySwoon, based in Australia, was ready to break into the US market and needed SEO to help them achieve first-page results.

The Solution

Victorious addressed technical issues uncovered by our audit and used thematic keyword research to create optimized content.

The Results

CitySwoon gained almost 1,500 target keyword positions and saw a 55% increase in unbranded keyword clicks.

CitySwoon, an Australia-based speed dating company, was ready to break into the US market. They knew smart SEO would be critical to their success. When looking for an SEO agency in the United States, CitySwoon founder, Brett Couston, turned to the best place he could think of, Google.

CitySwoon was on a tight deadline to launch its brand in San Francisco, and, having had some experience with SEO agencies in Australia, Brett was highly focused on getting a quality SEO agency with a strong foundation in technical SEO.

Forging a Trustworthy Relationship

Within a few months of partnering with Victorious, CitySwoon achieved significant keyword position gains and an increase in unbranded keyword clicks. Our data-driven SEO strategy targeted purposeful keywords to create more opportunities for CitySwoon to grab its new US audience’s attention.

Victorious worked with Brett to improve landing pages, blogs, and social media content, opening up opportunities for SEO backlinking and thematic keyword searches. And when Brett finds something that his competitors do that he thinks will help, Victorious is always quick to respond and make the changes, so CitySwoon is always on top of its SEO game.

“The presentation of how to approach the project is well presented, and that really makes a big difference because if we can implement something and once and it’s right, that’s fantastic. If we have to go back and rework something and then rework it again, that’s something that small businesses can’t afford. You know how to have the right solution presented clearly, concisely, and timely, then we can get it done. That’s exactly what we need.”

Brett Couston – CitySwoon

The Results

1. 1,491 total target keyword positions gained.

Our thematic keyword research increased CitySwoon’s organic search visibility and positioned them for great results.

2. A 55% increase in unbranded keyword clicks.

Now that CitySwoon is showing up where they need to, they’re seeing a positive increase in their CTR.

3. A 33% increase in goal completions.

And because we created valuable optimized content, confident visitors are taking action — solidifying CitySwoon’s place in the US market.

A Match Made on Fulfilled Promises

CitySwoon is unique because it didn’t build its site using a CMS. For other agencies, this proved to be a problem because every change required extra legwork. Victorious worked with Brett through the SEO audit to determine the best approach to implement recommendations, both in the immediate and long term. Armed with a purposeful SEO strategy, CitySwoon is ready to take on one of the fastest-growing industries — dating services.

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