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Gains like these — achieved in a saturated metro area, with a limited budget — are a testament to the power of SEO.


An 861% Increase in Search Traffic Connects People to Mental Health Support

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The Challenge

Outranked by competitors and undiscoverable in local searches, Citron Hennessey struggled to engage potential clients.

The Solution

Through keyword research, Victorious identified page optimization opportunities to raise Citron Hennessey’s local profile and generate more conversions.

The Results

With a 9x increase in page one keywords, Citron Hennessey saw an 861% boost in monthly site traffic and established a sustainable, self-reliant path forward.

Citron Hennessey’s approach to mental health support is built on quality treatment and meaningful client relationships. But as the world grew more unpredictable and stress skyrocketed, competition increased. Paid search wasn’t working. To continue helping local New Yorkers establish mental wellness, they’d have to take a different approach. So, despite competition and resource limitations, Citron Hennessey set their sights on organic search.

When Shift Happens, SEO Pays Off

Paid search historically never worked for Citron Hennessey and it still wasn’t working when they reached out to Victorious. Citron Hennessey’s value was getting lost in the scramble for paid placements, so we shifted strategies.

Through keyword research, Victorious identified opportunities for Citron Hennessey to create SEO content with solutions to searchers’ needs. Newly optimized pages and a refreshed Google Business Profile quickly spurred an uptick in Citron Hennessey’s organic traffic.

Then, Citron Hennessey was unexpectedly removed from a popular referral site that had been a major compass for clients. Unphased, Victorious redoubled the focus on boosting conversions by optimizing existing content with low competition keywords. The result? A clear path directing clients to a solution, tripling conversion rates from organic traffic.

The Results

An 861% increase in search traffic.

Citron Hennessey experienced dramatic growth in organic traffic through optimized content and an effective keyword strategy.

A 300% increase in conversions from organic traffic.

Optimizing for search led potential clients to the solution they were looking for.

An 843% increase in page one keywords.

Citron Hennessy now ranks for 349 page one keywords — up from 37.

Generating Qualified Leads Start With Great Content

Because of Citron Hennessey’s SEO success, they’re no longer reliant on third-party sites for referrals, and they can discontinue paid search — which had never performed well for them. A collaborative SEO partnership transformed Citron Hennessey’s growth trajectory, enabling them to put more people on the path to wellness.

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