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Nicole Norris

Nicole's commitment to delivering measurable ROI makes her an invaluable team member at Victorious. As an SEO Team Lead, she is especially committed to perfecting our internal processes to supercharge her team’s performance. When not supporting her team as they tackle SEO audits and keyword strategies, Nicole is likely hitting the slopes or at the lake — depending on the weather, of course.

Recent Posts

25 m read

Search engines have hundreds of ranking factors — so where do you begin when trying to get on page one? This easy-to-use SEO checklist with free downloadables makes starting and improving your search engine optimization a breeze.

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8 m read

Backlinks monitoring can help you assess the quality and effectiveness of your link building campaigns. Learn why an SEO backlink analysis is part of a comprehensive SEO strategy and which SEO tools you can use to monitor your referring domains and link building campaign.

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7 m read

Worried about your website’s domain authority and not sure what to do about it? Follow these tips to improve your domain authority score.

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8 m read

Finding it hard to connect with reporters on HARO? Expand your potential reach — and your link building strategy — by signing up for one of these five HARO alternatives. A smaller, industry-focused HARO alternative may provide more opportunities for you to share your expertise. Learn more below!

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15 m read

Unsure whether to invest in video creation? Feel like your videos are gathering dust in YouTube’s basement? Video SEO optimization is the production assistant that'll increase the chances of your video getting in front of the right eyeballs. So before hitting record or yelling ‘cut’ on your video production strategy, check out my top tips for YouTube SEO.

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5 m read

To better optimize your web pages, focus on keyword themes rather than a single keyword. Sound like too much work? Trust me — the benefits are worth it! Learn what keyword themes are, why you should integrate them into your search engine optimization strategy, and how to find a keyword theme below.

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9 m read

Toxic backlinks can impede your SEO progress and keep you from reaching your ranking and organic traffic goals. Keep an eye on your backlink profile and disavow toxic backlinks to protect your search visibility. Here’s how.

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11 m read

Don’t let duplicate content affect your search rankings. Use our tips to identify and manage duplicate content URLs.

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10 m read

Need to delete a page? Plan to redirect traffic from that URL to another to avoid a 404 error. Learn why redirects are valuable for SEO and how you should use them below.

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