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Google Tools: How To Connect Search Console to Analytics

Measure how well your SEO strategy is working and improve it with the additional insights you’ll gain when you connect Search Console to Analytics.

Jun 5, 2023

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Data is the backbone of a comprehensive SEO strategy. You need quality analytics to understand what’s happening with your website, see how effective your current strategy is, and test new tactics.

Connecting your Google Search Console with your Google Analytics account helps you uncover how your web pages are performing in Google search results and how visitors are interacting with them — all in one platform. 

Why Should I Connect Search Console to Analytics?

Google Search Console allows you to see how your site performs in search results and what search queries people use to find you. This information can be used in your SEO campaign to improve online visibility in SERPs.

On the other hand, Google Analytics provides more insight into what people do once they’re on your site. How long are they staying on a page? Are they visiting additional pages? Are they downloading an ebook, submitting their email, or making a purchase?

When you link Google Search Console with your Google Analytics account, you can view all your data in one platform and better understand how (or if) your organic traffic converts. 

You’ll also gain access to additional reports in Google Analytics that show where your web pages are showing up in SERPs and what keywords people used to find particular landing pages.

There’s no need to alter your Search Console settings — you can enable your Search Console data from your Google Analytics account and start immediately accessing your new Search Console reports.

Google Analytics 4: Connecting Search Console to GA4

If you’ve made the switch to GA4 or plan to do it soon, connect it with GSC from the start to get a complete view of your data.

First, click on ‘Admin’ in the menu.

GA4 menu screenshot

Two columns will appear.

GA4 admin menu

Scroll down the second column to the very bottom and click ‘Search Console Links.’

search console links in GA4

Click ‘Link.’

link setup screenshot connecting search console to analytics

Click ‘Choose accounts,’ select your account, and then click ‘Confirm.’ Any account on which you’re a verified site owner will appear.

link to a property screenshot

Click ‘Next’ to move to the second step.

link setup step 2

Click ‘Select.’ 

choose a data stream box

You should now see the different data streams available to you: Web, iOS, and Android. The first one is for accessing data from a website, whereas the other two are for accessing data from mobile applications. 

Since I’m concerned with my website’s organic traffic, I’ll select ‘Web,’ and click ‘Next.’

review GA4 link to GSC

Now, you can verify all of the information is correct and click ‘Submit.’

Your New Google Analytics 4 Reports

Once you’ve connected Search Console with Google Analytics 4, you’ll have access to two new reports.

1. Google Organic Search Queries

GA4 will now collect data about the search terms people use to find your web pages. The same information available in Google Search Console, but you can now view it while you’re in Analytics.

2. Google Organic Search Traffic 

View the Search Console and Analytics metrics associated with particular landing pages and see which ones attract the most organic or paid traffic and conversions.

FAQs about Connecting Search Console to Analytics

Do I have to connect Search Console and Analytics?

If you feel you won’t benefit from the additional reports and data, you don’t have to connect your Search Console and Analytics. Google doesn’t require the tools be connected. However, the additional reports make it easier to see all your data in one place.

Can I connect my Analytics to multiple Google Search Console properties?

No, Google says, “an Analytics property can be associated with only one site, and vice versa. Creating a new association removes the previously existing association.”

Can I connect my Search Console to UA and GA4 simultaneously?

Yes, you can link your Search Console to UA and GA4 at the same time.

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