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7 m read

SEM tools can help you launch, monitor, and improve your search ads. But there’s no one “best SEO tool.” When selecting which is right for your team, consider each tool's features and how they may benefit your marketing campaigns.

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5 m read

Zone in on your target audience with a local PPC strategy and get more from your online advertising. Here’s what you need to know about using local search ads to drive nearby customers to your shop.

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7 m read

Are you getting the best return on your PPC ads? Paid search campaigns are powered by keywords and bids, and poor keyword research can lead to underperforming campaigns and wasted budget. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right keywords for your paid search ads.

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8 m read

PPC ads underperforming? Seeing inconsistent results? Worried about wasted ad spend? Uncover issues and opportunities for improvement with our PPC audit checklist. Get started with our top tips below.

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Facing an underperforming PPC campaign? Uncover what may be leading to lackluster results and apply our tips to improve your campaign performance.

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7 m read

Keeping an eye on what the competition is doing can help you stay on top of trends and better optimize your PPC campaigns.

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12 m read

There’s no one correct way to approach PPC, but creating a PPC strategy may help you more effectively invest your ad spend and monitor ad performance. Here’s how a PPC strategy can help support your marketing goals and what to keep in mind when crafting your own.

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7 m read

The right PPC tools can help you craft, monitor, and optimize a winning paid search strategy. Here are 13 tools you can integrate into your workflow to ensure your strategy is helping you reach your business goals.

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SEO and PPC don't have to be segregated. By combining your search efforts, you can improve your ROI. CGO Laurel Stewart explains how.

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9 m read

There seems to be a perennial debate about SEO vs. PPC. If you’re caught up in the never-ending tussle about which marketing channel drives better results, it’s time to bring some clarity into the conversation. Read on for a breakdown of the pros and cons of each channel based on insights from industry benchmarks, so we can talk about how SEO and PPC each fit into your larger marketing plan.

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